What is a Domain

As no two number plates can be the same, no two domain names can be the same. Examples of domain names are timaruwebhosting.co.nz or google.com.

A domain name is made up of three parts. First the suffix of the domain identifies the country of the names origin. For example, .nz represents New Zealand, and .au represents Australia. These are what are referred to as Top Level Domains (TLD).

The next part of the domain represents the type of name. For example, .co or .com represent commercial, .org represents organisation, and .net represents network.

The third part is the 'name' of the domain, for example, timaruwebhosting, or google. This is the part you register and may be your business name, product name or a description of some sort.

And finally, the www of the Domain name which stands for "world wide web" is added on by the server administrator. You can put your domain name to more use by adding words other than www, for example, forum.timaruwebhosting.co.nz or mail.timaruwebhosting.co.nz

You can also use your domain name for your email branding, for example, contact@yourdomain.co.nz

How much does a Domain cost to Register

Domain registration fees depend on what country you are registering a domain in. Have a look at Timaru Web Hosting for Domain name pricing

Do I have to keep renewing my Domain

Yes. Domains are renewed yearly for you to keep ownership & maintain the use of the Domain. Once a Domain has been cancelled or has expired, other users are free to register the Domain for their own use.

Can I have more than one Domain for my Website

Yes, you can add multiple domain names to your website.

What is the difference between a Domain and a Sub-Domain

While a domain name is a full website address, totally independent of other domain names, a sub domain depends on a domain name. If for example "timaruwebhosting.co.nz" is your domain name, then http://timaruwebhosting.co.nz and http://www.timaruwebhosting.co.nz would be your domain name's address. A sub domain name would be a name *under* your domain name, something like "subdomain.timaruwebhosting.co.nz". Its address would then be: http://subdomain.timaruwebhosting.co.nz and http://www.timaruwebhosting.co.nz. It can say anything you want instead of "sub domain" and the nice thing is that unlike a full domain name, a sub domain does not need to be registered so once you purchase your Domain & Hosting Package they can be setup via Control Panel

How long does it take for my Domain to start working after i purchase it

Domain with Timaru Web Hosting, It can take up-to 24 hours for the nameserver changes to take effect but usually with previous customers there Domain is working within 3 Hours. While your domain is in Purchase/Transfer mode, you can feel free to use your Control Panel to upload your files or manage databases or setup emails accounts while you wait on your Domain to start working

How long does it take for my Hosting to start working after i purchase it

Please read Terms Of Service for details under (Delivery Service Times & Delivery Charges)

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